1. brookebell23:

    "why do you love Niall?"

    me:Why do you not?

  2. fivestupidboys:

    bless his soul

  3. The sexiest way anybody has ever sung the word ‘hotel’… x

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  4. mirikkku asked: What do you like about Harry? :)


    Here is a summary about what I love about

    His voice

    His impeccable dance moves

    His upper body and the way he moves *_*

    Dont get me started on his hips

    He has the most perfect and gorgeous legs known to human kind

    and his skinny jeans

    When he underestimates how lanky and tall he is

    When he is flattered and he almost blushes and those dimples appear that could stop world hunger

    The way he moulds into a hug and holds the person so tight because he doesn’t want to let go

    He is sensitive

    When he is disturbed he still looks cute as fuck

    He isnt afraid to get messy

    He thinks its okay to walk around half naked

    He still looks like a cute boy sometimes

    His smile that could light up anyone’s world

    The fact that he knows the effect he has on people

    Overall he is just so cute

    and so sincere and caring

    and still manages to be like the sexiest person alive
    so…. how can you NOT like him?!

  5. lickylic:


    LISTEN UP! AND SHARE IT! on We Heart It

    *** If every One Direction fan watched this video 2-3 times, we could beat the record easily!!! But lets be realistic, only 1/4-1/2 will help break this record!!! My advice: Open like 4-5 tabs, turn down the volume, & play those babies, time-after-time, & remember to refresh!!! Do that & you will get about 50 views, per person, per hour!!! I also encourage you to post it on your FB & twitter, asking your non 1D friends to watch at least once!!! Every little bit counts!!! Last video numbers were pathetic!!! DO NOT DISAPPOINT THE BOYS AGAIN!!! I wanna beat that record, but I’d be happy if we got close, because at least that means we tried!!!

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  6. He still looks like a 3 years old little boy… 

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  7. herriestiles:

    ed sheeran

    ed sheewalked

    ed sheetrotted

    ed sheesprinted

    ed sheejoggedmoderatelyfast

    niall horan

    niall howalked

    niall hotrotted

    niall hosprinted

    niall hojoggedmoderatelyfast 

    louis tomlinson

    louis tomlindaughter

    louis tomlinmother

    louis tomlinfather


    harry styles

    harry grooms

    harry shampoos

    harry snips

    harry shapes

    liam payne

    liam hurt

    liam suffer

    liam ache

    liam discomfort

    zayn malik

    zayn malik

    zayn malik

    zayn malik

    zayn malik

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  8. awesomeharrystylesimagines:



    On his way to steal yo girl

    *Borrow. Because stealing is wrong :)



  10. only-harry-can-save-me:

    When Harry tries to be sassy but just comes off as really cute.

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